One line setup FTP server by The Swiss File Knife

  • I just found it … I needed to run some ftp server and do not waist time for setting all complicated configs for any popular FTP server
  • I wanted to have something similar to python -m SimpleHTTPServer 9191
  • I found The Swiss File Knife which provides ftp server
./sfk-linux.exe ftpserv -user=foo -pw=bar ./FTP_ROOT_DIRECTORY/
note : cannot bind on port 21, using alternative port 2121.
SFK Instant FTP 105. For help, type "sfk ftpserv -help".
waiting on port 2121, IP or
only read allowed. 60 sec timeout.
# at windows :
c:\tools\sfk.exe ftpserv -user=foo -pw=bar d:\my-documents\

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